Browse Privately with PlexaNet dVPN

The worlds first high-speed, cost-effective decentralized VPN solution

Browse privately, access or host private websites and applications through PlexaNet, and bring back your right to privacy!

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Unrestricted access worldwide

PlexaNet provides a secure and encrypted connection providing censorship resistant, and enabling private connections anywhere, anytime

PlexaNet uses an onion routing protocol to allow users to route through paths through a distributed network, using multiple nodes to conceal the data of packets and their locations.


Cross-platform compatibility

Plexanet supports Windows, Linux, and MacOS environments and will have its very own mobile applications for iOS and Android.

100% Uptime

Being that there is no centralized onboarding servers, Plexanets infrastructure is always online, and cannot be taken down.

Active community

Plexanet was created by the uPlexa team, the team who created the uPlexa privacy-centric digital currency. The community is full of privacy enthusiasts and bright individuals. Come check us out!

Open Source

Plexanet, along with uPlexa, is completely open source. You may feel free to audit our code, or even provide additional features by submitting a pull request.

Utility Nodes

Plexanet is powered by Utility Nodes, which act as exit nodes. Utility node operators are rewarded with a portion of uPlexa block rewards for ensuring a highspeed connection to Plexanet

Censorship free

Using Plexanet, you may browse openly on the internet, or through Plexanet hidden services. Plexanet hidden services offers censorship resistance and the ultimate level of freedom of speech.


By using Plexanet, your location and data packets are obfusticated, keeping your online communications and transactions completely secure and private.

Cost effective

Plexanet is launching as a free service, at first. When the time comes to implement a perGB fee, we will ensure to still remain the most cost-effective VPN service, whilst also still providing more security and privacy than traditional VPN providers.